• East Noble’s Technology Department will perform all repairs on the laptops. EN is a certified Lenovo service site. Do not take the laptop to a repair service outside of school as this voids the warranty.

  • To get the laptop repaired, the student should take the laptop to the media center at the school he/she attends. There the student will talk with the media person who will learn about the problem from the student and then determine the steps for repairs. The student and media person will fill out an accidental repair form that stays with the laptop. In cases where the repair takes longer than a day and the damage is accidental and not a result of negligence, a loaner may be issued to the student. The procedures for that will depend on the building the student attends.

  • Students who damage a device intentionally or have repeated incidents of damage will be issued loaner devices that will remain in the school building until damages are paid in full or a payment plan is in place.

  • During the summer, technology support for all students is available by calling (260)347-7180 and scheduling an appointment.


Please follow the proper process for all technology repairs:

  • For non-urgent requests, please e-mail with a description of the issue you are having.

  • If you need urgent help, you may dial "2HELP" on your school phone and it will ring to all of the desks in the tech room.