How can I become a student at the ALC?

Students interested in attending the ALC should talk to their guidance counselor. Guidance will work with the student and family to determine if the ALC is the right fit and then make a recommendation to administration if they determine it is. ALC and high school administration will make the final decision on a whether a student is able to attend the ALC.

How many people are there in a classroom?

There are two classrooms at the ALC. One room has up to 25 students with a teacher and instructional assistant, and another room has up to 10 students with a teacher and instructional assistant. Student placement in either room depends on the circumstances that determined the student’s placement at the ALC.

How do classes work?

High school students use Edgenuity, an online curriculum, to complete their classwork. Students work on one class at a time and will begin a new class as soon as they complete the previous one. Students will be given class goals based on individual needs for graduation, but every student has a basic goal of earning at least 3 credits a trimester at the ALC. Middle school students will continue to work on their middle school classes, utilizing Canvas and their ALC teacher to access the material, so that they can earn a passing grade in their classes. Middle school students will be assigned specific classes to work on while at the ALC and their goal is to have a passing grade by their individually set completion date.

How fast can I earn credits?

High school students can earn as many credits as they are able to complete during their placement at the ALC. Students are able to move ahead of any goals they are given and have access to their classes any time of the day wherever they have internet access. Middle school students will work on their specifically assigned classes and will either earn credits for these when they complete them at the ALC, or they will continue in the classes when they return to the middle school.

Can I work on classes at home?

High school students can access their classes at any time from any place that has internet access, but exams must be completed in person at the ALC. Middle school students can access their Canvas work at any time from any place that has internet access, but there are some additional items their ALC teacher will have for them to complete offline. If they already have these items, they may complete them at home.

Can I attend the ALC only?

Students attending the ALC will spend half their day at the ALC and the other half of their day either at the high school or middle school, depending on the student’s grade level. School bussing is provided to transport students between buildings. If a high school student is enrolled in an internship or work based learning, they may attend their work for the other half of their school day. A small number of students may be placed at the ALC only based on disciplinary reasons or extraneous life circumstances. In addition, 5th year seniors will attend the ALC only until they complete graduation requirements.

Once someone is placed at the ALC, do they stay at the ALC until graduation?

The goal for high school students placed at the ALC is to earn enough credits to get back on track towards graduation or to develop proper behaviors to eliminate discipline issues. Once completed, students will return to the high school full time. The goal for middle school students is to successfully complete their individualized plan goals by their assigned completion date and then return to the middle school full time. Individualized plan goals are created by the administration and guidance team and are based upon the specific growth areas identified for the student that led to their placement at the ALC. These will be items like increased classroom grades, attendance rate, homework completion, decreased tardiness, disciplinary referrals, etc.

How do you keep students from cheating?

Students working on Edgenuity coursework are required to complete exams in person on a school desktop that is restricted to the Edgenuity website only. Students will not be able to look up any information for these exams other than what they have in their notes and any assistance provided by teachers. If a student is not able to pass an exam in their allowed attempts, then staff members will review the students work for that unit and the students work may be reset if it is deemed they had cheated on that unit’s work. If it is shown that the students is merely struggling on the exam without having cheated, then the teachers will continue to work with the student on the exam to help them determine what learning gaps they need to close in order to successfully pass the test. All written assignments are analyzed by both Edgenuity and teachers to check for any plagiarism, and students work will be reset when plagiarism has been found.