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East Noble Alternative Learning Center


The Alternative Learning Center (ALC) provides a temporary alternative academic environment for students to work on classroom credits and behavior needs while they work to transition back to a full day at their traditional academic building. Most students will attend their traditional academic building for a portion of the school day while attending the ALC for the other portion, but a small portion of students may attend the ALC only for various reasons. Fifth year seniors will attend the ALC only in order to complete their graduation requirements.

Students should ask their guidance counselor for more information if interested in attending the ALC.




Tuesday – Friday

2 Hour Delay

Morning Class

8:45am – 11:15am

8:00am – 11:15am

10:00am – 11:15am

Afternoon Class

11:45am – 2:45am

11:45am – 2:45am

11:45am – 2:45am

The ALC will follow the East Noble School Corporation yearly calendar. Corporation- called weather delays and closings will be followed during the year, as will adaptations to the calendar.

*If a three-hour delay is called, the morning session will not meet and the afternoon session will meet at the normal time.


The ALC uses Edgenuity, an online curriculum software, for the coursework. Each trimester students are expected to earn a minimum of three credits and achieve a minimum 70% mastery on all course content.

Students not earning academic credit during a trimester may be able to return on a probationary status. A second consecutive term without academic achievement may result in dismissal from the program.


Students may be dropped off or walk to the ALC in the morning (8:00 a.m.) and picked up or walk home at the end of the full school day (2:45 p.m.), but once at school students are required to ride the provided school buses to transfer between the ALC and East Noble High School (ENHS) or East Noble Middle School buildings. No students are allowed to walk or drive between school buildings at any point during the school day.

Morning ALC student drivers must have an ENHS parking pass and must park their car in the ENHS parking lot. These students will ride a school bus from the ENHS parking lot to the ALC for morning class and will ride a bus back to ENHS for afternoon classes.

If a morning ALC student misses the bus and drives to the ALC, tardy and unexcused absence consequences will apply based on arrival time. The student is still required to ride the bus from the ALC to ENHS for the afternoon and can ride a provided bus from ENHS to the ALC at the end of the day in order to retrieve their car.

Students who attend the ALC only may drive, be dropped off, picked up, or walk to and from the ALC.


A student will be tardy if they arrive during the first ten minutes of their ALC class start time, and a student will be considered absent from each subsequent period they arrive more than ten minutes late to.

For all attendance communication, please contact the Middle School or High School attendance offices accordingly.


High school students attending the ALC in the afternoon can order lunches at East Noble High School and bring them to the ALC. All afternoon students attending the ALC only may order lunches through the ALC staff the day before and they will be delivered the next day to the ALC.

Students are permitted to use kitchenette, microwave, and refrigerator as needed. All students are expected to participate in cleaning their area and dishes in the building when used. Failure to participate may result in removal from the program.