For further questions about the online learning that is available at East Noble School Corporation, please contact the following:

Amy DeWitt
ENSC Online Learning Coordinator


East Noble believes that all students deserve to be taught and/or receive assistance by highly qualified and licensed teachers. We also know that every student can learn and does learn in different manners. East Noble Online is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students.

The classes offered by East Noble Online are designed/evaluated by East Noble's highly qualified licensed teachers. Classroom materials are delivered to students via the Internet. This classroom experience is open to homeschooled students in and out of district who are searching for support with schooling. The school offers support and school credit for one particular subject or multiple subjects. Homeschool students who are not currently enrolled with East Noble High School should contact Amy DeWitt ( in regards to registration and availability of online courses. 

All students enrolled in online education are required to do mandatory state testing which currently occurs twice a year, once in early spring for open ended questions and then later in the spring for multiple choice. Any questions about testing requirements should be emailed to