Weekly School Spotlight
Weekly School Spotlight
Posted on 01/23/2018

North Side Elementary

Education is continuously transforming. This past week 2nd grade students showed their creative, imaginative, and engaging style. In reading, students studied multiple fairy tales to describe how characters in a story respond to major events. Students were presented with this problem: Cinderella needs you to develop a prototype for a castle. Use what you know about structures and pulley systems to build a castle that is freestanding, three-dimensional and has a working drawbridge. Students used specific materials to plan, create, test and improve their designs. The planning, problem-solving, perseverance, and patience was very powerful to observe.

Third grade students have immersed themselves in traditional literature this week. They read fairy tales, tall tales, fables, and folktales in Daily 5. They have also been working on writing fractured fairy tales in their writing block. They are writing titles like Little Red Cowboy Hat and Cindersmelly. They love writing these stories and can’t wait to share them with their writing buddies. In math, they are learning all about fractions. Students are working with their fraction circles and fraction bars to represent fractions that are equal. They enjoyed using cookies to show the different fractions, because at the end of the lesson they got to eat the fractions! Who knew math could be so much fun!

Fourth graders have been hard at work! Students are digging deeper into text using the Notice and Note signposts. Students then use these signposts to support them with answering questions and make inferences about the characters, setting, and events that take place. The non-fiction signposts are helping the students to understand complex non-fiction text. Students continue to grow and mature as readers as they build more knowledge base. In math, students are learning multiple strategies to multiply two and three-digit numbers. Some of these strategies include partial products, partition rectangle and the lattice method, which is always a favorite! Students are amazed with these different strategies, and the traditional method is yet to come! Science has brought learning about animal habitats and the sun and moon. Miss Stephanie from Kendallville Public Library came to visit and taught the kids about shadows and their different sizes at different times of day. Students made sun catchers as well. Students are also building knowledge on weathering and erosion and how these things change the earth. Next week, students will participate in experiments that will show how landforms change because of weathering, erosion, and deposition. Once the ground thaws here in Kendallville, students will observe to see if the ice and snow caused any changes to the land around North Side during this cold spell. Students can’t wait to “dig in”!

This week in Music, first grade has been exploring how music can portray feelings and tell stories. Kindergarten enjoyed making their own rhythms using smiley faces and demonstrating them to the class. Fourth grade has started reading music by playing a piano on their iPads. They are up for the challenge! Fifth grade has been exploring different musical concepts like dynamics and tempo by using folk songs. Sixth grade started a unit on the history of Broadway. They are enjoying watching and learning songs from early Broadway shows like Showboat.

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