Unsung Hero
This Weeks Unsung Heroes!
Posted on 05/15/2017

Two Special Unsung Heroes

Jennifer Holbrook

Dictionary.com defines an unsung hero as, a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution; a person whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged”. As educators, I am quite certain we could all list numerous people that fit that definition. Many in our field go above and beyond…and do so willingly and without concern for praise. This week’s recipient of the East Noble’s Unsung Hero Spotlight exemplifies each piece of the aforementioned definition.

Jen Holbrook works at Avilla Elementary School as a teacher in the Basic Life-Skill program. She works with students that have some significant disabilities. Each and every day, Jen makes a substantive difference in the lives of her students. Whether it is a lesson on counting money or a CBI trip to the store, the impact Jen has on her students is significant and lasting.

But Jen’s impact is not just in the classroom. She has long been involved in East Noble’s Unified Sports. Unified Sports provide disabled students the opportunity to participate in athletics with their non-disabled peers. Jen’s passion for this led her to spearhead East Noble’s first Unified Champions Day. East Noble Schools partnered with Special Olympics to provide students from all over the district with an experience designed to promote social inclusion through athletic competition. Jen has embraced the leadership role for East Noble in this partnership with Special Olympics. She is dedicated to the vision that school leaders and educators must foster a socially inclusive school climate that emphasizes acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students. A socially inclusive school is a place where no student is excluded because of the degree or type of disability or the services required to meet his/her needs.

Thank you Jen for all that you do for East Noble. We are better because you are here!

This weeks Unsung Hero has been driving for East Noble since September 1st, 1964. Jack Gaby is just days away from completing his 52nd year driving bus routes servicing Rome City School. Jack began his bus driving career when his neighbor needed a day off, drove by Jack’s farm, asked “you know how to drive a big truck right?” and tossed him the keys.

In Jack’s time driving for East Noble he has seen MANY changes. He once told a story about getting his first “BIG” bus that could haul 20 people and wondering when he would EVER need to haul that many kids all at once. Jack’s decades of driving have seen literally THOUSANDS of students transported to and from school and over the past several years passengers have been able to say that Jack drove their grandparents to school… not a comment that can be made about many bus drivers these days.

While he’s not in the driver’s seat of bus 34, Jack stays active in MANY other interesting endeavors. Jack is heavily involved in historic Civil War reanactments, bringing his cannon (yes, Jack has an actual CANNON) for crowds of people to enjoy. Jack is also a harvester maple sap and an active “sugarmaker” (the term reserved for one who cooks and boils down sap to make maple syrup). He travels each year to represent our local sugarmakers at the Indiana State Fair and allows countless visitors to experience the wonder of REAL maple syrup and homemade maple crème. (If you’ve never had a piece of Jack’s Maple Crème Pie, you TRULY don’t know what you’re missing). Jack is also an accomplished horseman, caring for and working a team of beautiful Percheron Draft Horses.

East Noble is very fortunate to have a man such as Jack who has demonstrated such dedication to our students and community. For these, and many other reasons, Jack Gaby is this weeks Unsung Hero. Thank you Jack, for all you do!

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